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here are some people I can recommend looking up

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virtual slap

wilted woman aka. eels homebase - who supports the radio and a lot of other stuff secretly

stenze quo

stenze quo home of very nice grafics, good events and underground record label run by fyoelk

sara lehn

sara is a good radio friend - she also initiated the radio de la cultur visuelle project and is a part of west germany / a venue for indy music and art stuff

home of tim drage

tim is also known as CEMENTIMENTAL and is a very interesting and friendly person, surrealist, animation and film maker

dark skies association

my friend molly s label and music

Zam Zam Records

Olmo & Heloise record label

der warst

der warst aka. Simon Schäfer is a very chaotic and sweet audio visual performance - he helped me curcuit bending a linguaphone and we often do events and stuff together when we are in the same city and the time allows

C. Rockefeller Center for the contemporary arts

C. Rockefeller Center is one of my favorite art institutions and they have been always very supportive and critical with stuff- very good : )

fritz bornstück

fritz is a painter friend who paints a lot. Sometimes we sit in his studio and talk about art, society and politics & he is often helping realising ideas as well as radio stuff

das andere selbst

das andere selbst are very nice humans who release music and do events as well as zines and drawings

workcentre 232

workcentre 232 is a copy shop/ print residency project in Bijlmer/ Amsterdam Zuidoost by Anne Öhrling Dersén.